Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker Pump

Skimz is teasing the SuperSilent Wavemaker on its Facebook page that uses sine wave technology for quieter and more efficient flow.The Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker have the similar prop pump look with a magnetic mount that is quite common across the board, but it features a controller with the ability to link up to six units wirelessly.

There are going to be three sized to start, the Skimz SS6.0 that pushes 6,000 lph, the Skimz SS9.0 that pushes 9,000 lph and the SS18.0 that pushes 18,000 lph. The pumps come with six water flow modes, short and long pulse, tidal wave, oceanic current, constant flow and alternate flow.

Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker Pump

Skimz SuperSilent wavemaker pump has three different models: SS6.0, SS9.0SS18.0

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