December 15, 2019

Skimz MBR127 Macroalgae Reactor helps to reduce nitrate and phosphate from the water. The idea behind a Macroalgae Reactor is to provide an isolated environment, separate from the main aquarium for cultivation of macroalgae, live foods (pods) and biological denitrification.

Skimz Macroalgae reactor


360 degree LED Grow light tube is specially build with combination of white, blue and red to help boost the growth rate of macroalgae. 

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor

Lighting Duration:

12 hours is sufficient for growing macro algae. The LED lighting is running on a reverse cycle so that when the main tank lights are off the refugium lights turn on. During the night time, photosynthesis stops inside your aquarium and corals will no longer uptake CO2. This leaves an increased amount of CO2 dissolved in your aquarium water which then lowers your pH level. By running the Macroalgae Reactor at night, the algae inside the reactor will continue to uptake CO2 and help reduce the pH swing. This will help to stabilize the pH levels and the overall safety of its inhabitants.

Skimz copepods


Chaetomorpha Chaeto macroalgae.

Growing and Cultivating Amphipods and Copepods:

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor will allow you to grow beneficial macroalgae as well as house zooplanktons. Zooplanktons like copepods and amphipods would breed, and their babies would flow into the aquariums as a food source for corals and fish. These tiny microscopic crustaceans incorporate protein and fatty acids into a highly nutritious package for consumption by marine animals. Some fish, such as the mandarins, anthias and sea horses are found to be extremely difficult to get to eat anything other than copepods and amphipods.

Macroalgae Grows:

It’s important to periodically harvest a portion by removing it from the Macroalgae Reactor. This opens up space for new macroalgae to grow and to continue absorbing undesirable nutrients.

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor
Skimz Macroalgae Reactor

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