The New SKIMZ Monzter E Series protein skimmer is the result of successful development in integrating cylindrical and cone shape chambers in our quest to produce the most effective skimmers. This successful design minimizes sharp edges within the skimmer body, thereby minimizing pre-mature bubble bursting and surface agitation.

Together with the use of the bubble plate design to reduce turbulence within the skimmer chamber, maximum air flow capacity can be achieved in our compact skimmer. This result in the reduced height of the skimmer; allowing the SKIMZ E Series to easily fit into most installations.

The SKIMZ SM252 is engineered for the advanced reefer seeking an extreme performance skimmer. Fitted with 2 Skimz ES5000 needlewheel pumps, the SM252 draws an amazing 1920 litres per hour of air. The incredible skimming performance of the SM252 makes it suitable for tanks up to 3000 litres and will meet the needs of the most demanding reefer.

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