Skimz SM202 E series protein skimmer

Skimz SM202 external protein skimmer using single Skimz e12 needlehweel pump

Dimension: 27.6 x 37.5 x 60cm : Body diameter: 20cm : Pump: Skimz e12 needlewheel pump

Air intake: 1080 l/h : Total watts: 22W : Recommended feed pump: 1500-2000 l/h

For aquarium: 800 – 2000 L

Skimz SM202 E series protein skimmer

NEW! Micro-adjustable valve for easy and precise setting of water level in the skimmer body.

Skimz SM202 E series protein skimmer

This Super Silencer (SSM) is the most effective way to lower the noise created by the large volume of air being aspirated.

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