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Pre-registration for Aquarama 2015 ends on 15 May 2015. Known as Asia’s largest international ornamental fish, invertebrates, plants and accessories exhibition, Aquarama 2015 will be held from 28-31 May 2015 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

An event you can’t miss! 

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Organised for the ornamental aquatic industry and its related sectors, Aquarama 2015 is an all-encompassing event that offers boundless business opportunities to its targeted market sectors. Needless to say, Aquarama 2015 will definitely be more impressive with some important innovations such as the Public Aquaria Programme and Crystal Bee Shrimp Competition. Visitors are welcome to attend the Trade and Public Seminars to be kept abreast on matters relating to the international ornamental aquatic industry and hobby communities.

The show will also cover an extensive range of products and services including: Aquarium fish (freshwater and marine), invertebrates, aquatic plants, fish foods, aquarium & pond ornaments, water treatments, fertilisers, lighting and much more.

The CRYSTAL BEE SHRIMP COMPETITION is a brand new competition dedicated to the expanding range of species and varieties of colourful freshwater mini-shrimps that are currently available in the market. This event was conceived with the idea of organising an international competition for shrimp breeders and to present the hobby of keeping these freshwater invertebrates to those who are interested.

The AQUARAMA INTERNATIONAL FISH COMPETITION will be more extensive than ever in 2015. Judging of the competition will be in the hands of a panel of international experts. Some categories include: Dragonfish, Cichlids, Corydoras, Discus, Goldfish, Gourami, Betta and many more! Come visit Aquarama and be in awe with the wide spectrum of fishes showcased during the competition!

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