Skimz Biopellet Reactor includes a new nano hang-on model

By Jake Adams of Reefbuilders on Aug 18, 2014

Skimz has a new Biopellet Reactor coming to market in three sizes to take advantage of the nutrient reducing properties of the biopolymer. The Skimz Biopellet Reactor is unique in being bottom-fed and does away with the sometimes awkward internal inlet pipe. Skimz uses one of their own branded pumps through a conical base which helps to keep the biopellet media in constant motion and prevent clumping.

Skimz’s new biopellet reactors will come in three sizes, the BR80, BR100 and BR150 which can hold between 400 and 2000ml of biopellet media. The two larger BR100 and BR150 have tube diameters of 100 and 150mm respectively and can also be outfitted with sponges to reduce the churning that they are designed for to convert them into capable media reactors for phosphate remover and carbon.

Arguably the most interesting of the three sizes of Skimz Biopellet Reactors is the smallest BR80, a diminutive hang on affair with a holding capacity just barely more than that of a media bag. Besides having the same conical bottom for even biopellet mixing, the BR80 uses an oversize union valve on its topside to access the media reactor volume.

The use of a union valve instead of a lineup of nylon screws makes the BR80 a much easier device to service and maintain and we wish that Skimz had implemented a similar solution for the larger BR100 and BR150, but union valves in those diameters would also make them large and cumbersome. Skimz has a proven track record of making nice and affordable acrylic products that are durable and we expect the same for their new line of Biopellet Reactors.

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