Interzoo 2010

Welcome to Nuremberg!

Nuremberg offers visitors all sorts of wonderful surprises. It is a cosmopolitan modern city with half a million residents. Nuremberg is the main city of the European metropolitan region Franken and is Bavaria’s second economic centre.

Much of Nuremberg’s history can be seen and experienced, unlike many other comparable cities and towns in Germany. A visit to Nuremberg is like a journey into two different worlds that are delightfully intertwined.


Besides the fact that mainly all exhibitors are looking for new clients, especially distributors in Europe, it is becoming clear that particularly the following countries and regions are of interest:
East and Central Europe
Scandinavian countries
Spain and Italy

Exhibitors from the USA are mainly looking for new clients in Asia and South America.


Of course all visitors are looking for new products in the categories they are active in, but it is becoming clear that the main focus will be on:
Real innovations and trends
News from competitors
New contacts

Are there real innovations?

We also asked exhibitors to inform us about the real innovations they will present at Interzoo 2010. An indication of the expectations can be viewed at the top this page. It is up to you to determine if they are real innovations…

One thing is clear: there will be lots of interesting things to see at Interzoo.

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