Skimz Leopard SL250 Protein Skimmer

The Skimz Leopard skimmer has finally been unveiled here at Aquarama in Singapore and the inverted cone is nothing to scoff at. Rising above the bubble plate, the inverted cone ingeniously guides all incoming water an bubbles against the sides of the cone skimmer body, while skimmed water descends down the inverted cone and exits the skimmer.

While it may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, there is a visible difference in turbulence between Skimz Monzters and Skimz Leopard protein skimmers. Stay tuned for more details on the Skimz Leopard including sizes, pricing and the specially designed Skimz Leopard pumps based on the popular Askoll motor block.

From Reefbuilders: Skimz Leopard’s inverted cone within a cone may be the least turbulent yet

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