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Skimz TurboMagnum protein skimmer is a commercial-sized recirculating skimmer, designed for professional aquaculturists, commercial farms, large public aquariums, and aquatic wholesale holding unit. It is extremely efficient at removing dissolved organics and pollutants.

New Skimz TurboMagnum ST600S offers:

– 2 x Reeflo HammerHead Pumps (made in the USA)
– Incorporate the Advanced Needlewheel Technology (ANT) enables extremely high air intake
– Integrated Self Washing Head (SWH) for maximum efficiency
– Integrated Freshwater Flushing Systems (FFS) for easy cleaning
– Incorporated bubble plate chamber reduces turbulence in the reaction chamber
– High-precision CNC machined parts

Diameter of Reaction Chamber (body) – 600mm
Total Height – 2040mm
Breadth – 1040mm
Depth – 740mm
Free Height >300mm
Inlet Diameter – 63mm
Return Outlet Pipe Diameter – 90mm

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